Transforming big blockchain ideas into a game-changing reality.

  • IoT

    IoT Blockchain To Revolutionize the Way Devices Communicate

    We`re building IoT protocols enabling the interconnection among different standards with the use of blockchain technology.

    IoT is most significant emerging technology, but it lacks of unified standards and, consequently suffers from privacy and security vulnerabilities. Conventional approaches tend to be inapplicable for this innovation—however, blockchain technology can significantly reduce the risk of internet devices, applications and platforms being compromised.

  • Blockchain

    Building Futureproof Blockchain To Empower the Transformation of Your Business

    Underneath cryptocurrencies is grand innovation which will anchor the web`s next revolution.

    The fundamental element of blockchain technology is the ability to maintain a decentralized, trusted ledger of all transactions occurring in a network. Its true value has just begun to be explored and potential distributed applications are enormous. We build state-of-the-art private and public blockchain solutions to help your businesses and services deliver more value to your users while being less dependent.

  • Consulting

    Blockchain Consulting to Support Your Team`s Endeavors in the Crypto Land

    While you hear about blockchain everywhere, it is rare to find a close-knit team of experts who understand the concepts, technologies and products behind it.

    With 17 years of experience, Netis Group possesses a unique crypto market insight and operates within a paramount network of most appreciated crypto professionals. By bridging the wisdom of tradition with blockchain innovation, we provide businesses with a comprehensive range of services, accompanied with strategic advisory and implementation.

Partner projects


With over 17 years of experience in the field of digital currencies and blockchain protocols, we possess a unique overview and a rare industry know-how to grow, build and connect global blockchain projects that are ready to take a leap in transforming their industry.

  • Tomislav MučičCEO & Founder

    A pioneer in blockchain with decades of experience in IT security and Project Development. As a true blockchain advocate he focuses on the architectural design and implementation of global protocols that will lay the grounding foundation for the future of business.

  • Andrej PlankarBlockchain Business Consultant

    Sees blockchain as the new digital alphabet that will rock the business world. With a degree in economics he is a good connoisseur of today`s industry challenges. Today, he is a prolific entrepreneur and a blockchain expert, advising several international companies, including Viberate, SportyFi and InsurePal.

  • Matej KaplanProject Manager

    Has years of experience managing the development and implementation of organization's information systems. He has continuously demonstrated his excellence in technical competency and reliability in delivering critical systems by ensuring the highest levels of optimization and security.

  • Tanja BivicCommunications & PR Consultant

    Tanja has years of experience in communications management, working as editor-in-chief of Slovenia`s national TV. She`s providing strategic counsel and leadership to key stakeholders, directing them to relevant messaging and positioning within the crypto community. Holds a social work degree.

  • Melita GuljaCommunications & Content Creator

    A digital native with years of agency experience in public relations and communications projects. She is excellent in developing and executing corporate strategy whilst manage messaging to help building and supporting company’s unique voice and reputation.

  • Franjo ŠantalabSocial Media Consultant

    Digital and social media specialist and new technologies enthusiast with years of agency experience in various online and offline projects. Specialized in cross-cultural communication and creating and managing online communities. Holds a degree in marketing communications and public relations.

  • Matjaž ŠirceljCommunity Director

    Digital media and community manager, strategist, consultant and public speaker with two decades of experience in tech companies and advertising agencies. As an experienced communicator, he advises international companies and ICO projects in proactively managing their social media presence.

  • Gregor SajovicLead Blockchain Developer

    Has over a decade of experience in team and project management. At Netis Group, he is in charge in coordinating team efforts when researching methodology and infrastructure to develop in-house assets and building prototypes for partnering projects.

  • Alen KraljBlockchain Advisor

    Alen is a man of versatile skills and in-depth knowledge of blockchain. He uses his understanding of the business benefits and the technological challenges of such implementation when consulting companies in how to simplify and automate their processes by using distributed ledger.

  • Matevž StrunaOperations Engineer

    Telecommunications Engineer with 20 years of experience in solving advanced hardware operational problems. Since he joined Netis Group, his main focus remains optimization of mining processes in different performance stages.

  • Klemen ZajcBlockchain Research and Development

    Holds a degree in physics and master`s degree in quantitative finance. He believes that IoT blockchain solutions will completely change the way devices communicate. His focus lies on implementing the use of blockchain in the IoT segment and effectively linking the technology with the distributed data storage.

  • Alen HorvatBlockchain Research and Development

    Blockchain is an extremely competitive and highly innovative area. Alen is challenged to examine the challenges the technology brings into business practices and find new innovative ways for its successful implementation in partnering projects.

  • Denis KraljOperations Engineer

    Denis is telecommunications engineer responsible to perform expert-level server, network, protocol and installation configuration. He manages the service of hosting platforms, networks and applications and ensures the overall problem resolution of tactical problems.

  • Tatjana SkenderijaOffice Manager

    Organized and self-initiative, Tatjana is responsible for directing and coordinating overall front office activities. She makes sure that all office processes run smoothly and that all of our guests are welcomed with pleasure and courtesy.

  • Urša GrmAdministrative Assistant

    Urša performs various administrative tasks to support the functioning of company's business processes, helping Netis Group to run in an efficient, organized way. Her responsibilities include providing support in daily office needs and managing company's general administrative activities.


  • Peter M. MoriczStrategy Advisor & Connector for the Blockchain Economy

    Strategy advisor in the blockchain and regtech sector, counseling numerous successful ICO-s, including Viberate and InsurePal. With a background in compliance and risk management, Peter has over 20 years of comprehensive experience in derivative trading and investment strategies.

  • Tomaž FurlanBlockchain IT Expert & Project Manager

    A rare example of an expert successfully translating ICT into a business language. He is a visionary with entrepreneurial mindset and an outstanding knowledge in the fields of project management, strategic planning and IT know-how.

  • Igor ZgoncBlockchain Business Consultant

    Igor is a result-driven professional with an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and in-dept knowledge of blockchain and crypto market. His company Silver Bullet Risk is developing innovative risk management solutions and consulting corporations in ways to achieve higher goals whilst reducing costs.

  • Božo ReckoProject Manager, Consultant

    Božo has decades of experience in managing enterprise risks. With his in-depth knowledge of information security and risk management he advises companies and helps them to optimize their processes and effectively engage in their software development.

  • Sebastjan PirihDigital Marketing Consultant

    With a strong focus, strategic mindset and a creative talent he is outstanding in developing out-of-the-box digital approaches in the fields of content marketing, social media and creative digital communications.